About Randall

Randall Jahnson (photo by Lavenda Memory)

Randall Jahnson is a freelance screenwriter, film director, and teacher active in a variety of media.

His feature credits include The Doors (as “J. Randal Johnson”), DudesThe Mask of Zorro, and Sunset Strip, plus episodes of the HBO cable TV series Tales from the Crypt.

He also wrote Gun, an epic Western video game, which was voted Best Story at the 2005 IGN Video Game Awards.

In the pioneering days of MTV, Jahnson directed videos for recording artists such as rocker-raconteur Henry Rollins, punk iconoclasts Black Flag, singer-songwriter Stan Ridgway, and the legendary Minutemen.

Drawing from his decades of professional experience, Jahnson teaches privately in the Portland, Oregon area. He conducts individual critiques as well.

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