Adventures in Video Games: Gun


You play Colton, the gritty son of legendary mountain man Ned White. For years you and your father have roamed the Rocky Mountains, hunting and trapping. One day, while delivering a payload of meat to a steamer on the upper Missouri River, renegades attack and all hell breaks loose. In short time you’re launched on a sprawling quest to find the men behind the attack – and Ned’s death – only to discover that nothing is what it seems to be – even your own identity.

Production Notes

Released November, 2005
Designer & Developer: Neversoft Entertainment
Publisher: Activision

Starring the voices of Thomas Jane (Colton), Kris Kristofferson (Ned), Lance Henriksen (Magruder), Ron Perlman (Hoodoo Brown), Brad Dourif (Reverend Reed), Tom Skerritt (Clay Allison), Kath Soucie (Jenny), Eric Schweig (Many Wounds, Fights-at-Dawn), Jay Tavare (Stone Hand), Armando Valdes-Kennedy (Chavez y Chavez), Wade Williams (Rudabaugh), Dave Wittenberg (Soapy), Marc Graue (Hollister), and many more….

Voted Best Story at the 2005 IGN Video Game Awards


The call came out of the blue. It was an agent who covered New Media at my agency. “How would you like to write a video game?” he asked.

“Love to,” I said. “I’ve always been interested in the medium.”

The agent went on to say there was this company called Neversoft and they wanted to make a Western game and they read a script of mine and really liked it and wanted to meet with me to discuss it.

“Great, ” I commented. “I’ll be available in a couple weeks.”

“I think they want to meet sooner.”

“Like when?”

“Like today.”


“They really really want to meet you.”

“But I’m on a deadline.”

“You don’t understand – they’ve read a lot of scripts and they like yours the best and they don’t want to wait around.”

Two hours later I was driving west on the Ventura Freeway. Before I went out the door, the thought crossed my mind to bring the replica Civil War Navy Colt .44 revolver I had displayed on the fireplace mantelpiece. Better not, I told myself. Remember what happened last time when I pulled it out in the midst of a meeting about Civil War guerillas. The studio people blanched and nearly called security.

When I arrived at Neversoft I was ushered to where the company’s braintrust sat. Director of Development Scott Pease was slumped over his desk; Lead Designer Chad Findley had his boots up on his desktop; company CEO Joel Jewett looked just plain ornery behind his bushy handlebar mustache. And all three of them were either twiddling with or had within reach a big hog leg replica pistol like mine.