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VIDEO: ISA Online Talk and Q&A

I had a blast doing this online talk and Q&A with the International Screenwriters Association moderated by Max Timm. ISA is a great organization connecting established and aspiring screenwriters worldwide. It felt really good to engage with so many of my “peeps” during this time of self-isolation.

Dryads – Girls Don’t Cry

Dryads poster

Directed by Sten Hellevig
Written by Randall Jahnson and Sten Hellevig
Produced by Jarle Bjørknes, Teréz Hollo and Tor Arne Øvrebø

Starring Allan Hyde, Alba August, Iben M. Akerlie, Morten Abel, and Anneli Aune

Released in 2015 (Norway)

When a mysterious pop band moves into the old house next door, a bored teenager suddenly finds excitement in her dull suburban Oslo life. She falls under the spell of the band’s charismatic singer only to learn that being cool has a price.

In the following clip, Hilde, the film’s protagonist, watches Henrietta, the volatile and capricious leader of the band Dryads, listen to some tracks the band have recorded. Henrietta hates what she hears and fires the guitarist and bass player on the spot. After her other bandmate Kirstie asks, “What’re we going to do now?!” the engineer suggests a more stripped-down electronic sound and plays a sample on his computer. Henrietta likes it and proclaims that Dryads are now a trio.

Randall Jahnson and Anneli Aune
Randall on set with Dryads star Anneli Aune